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The Source Of The River Nile that is!

Back at the source, the source of the River Nile that is!
For those of you who thought this river was only in Egypt, you are sadly wrong!

The beginning of the Blue Nile is right here in Ethiopia (the White Nile starts in Uganda and they meet in Khartoum, Sudan.) As local farmers go about their daily business, one of the world’s most famous rivers springs into life from the stunning Lake Tana.

Great to be back in the peaceful setting of Bahar Dar and away from the busy city of Addis for a while.
Also great to catch up with some friends I met last time I was here… and to meet some new ones. As anyone who has travelled in Ethiopia knows, it’s impossible not to make friends here… every day!

I think Ethiopians might just be the most friendly people on the planet!

The Source Of The River Nile that is!
The Source Of The River Nile that is!
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