Turkey Bursa Travel Guide, Diary, Food

It was time for our road trip to Bursa and Sudat our taxi driver from the day before would be taking care of us. We were all ready to get out of the city and visit the country side. Sadat was in rough shape and we learned that he had been going through a series […]

Bolivia Travel Guide Diary

The catamaran was modern and looked like a living room inside with lounge chairs and windows. Unfortunately, it was rainy and foggy. A guide filled us in on the details of Lake Titicaca–the world’s 11th largest, world’s highest navigable, very deep, trout fishing, Inca ruins, etc were the highlights. Basically, once you have seen 10 […]

Peru Travel Guide, Diary

The Avensa flight did not arrive to Lima until about 1:00 AM and we still had to go through customs and locate some lodging. Our buddy Cam, had recommended that we stay in the Miraflores area rather than downtown Lima and that proved to be excellent advice. First, I tried calling a hotel from the […]

Bodrum Travel Guide, Diary

This time we were prepared for our overnight bus trip. A fellow traveler had given us some advice in Istanbul that a bottle of liquor would help with the overnight bus trip. We purchased a bottle of Malibu Rum in Istanbul but made the mistake of packing it in our backpacks which got stored under […]