• DATE: 14.12.2018
A Trip To Antalya Is A Great Experience For The Whole Family

A Trip To Antalya Is A Great Experience For The Whole Family

Antalya is the center of the region, where most visitors begin their holiday. No matter if you stay in a hotel a little further away and just come for a day trip, or whether you are in Antalya its quarters: from the lively atmosphere everyone is swept along! Although the climate is mild all year round, you can even ski in the nearby Taurus Mountains in winter. The old Town and its main attractions. In the old town there are some impressive wooden houses, the life of a typical Ottoman family is represented in a small museum.
Antalya’s emblem is the grooved minaret, which now houses a museum.

Places To Visit In Antalya

Also known are the Hadrian’s Gate and the clock tower, an ideal starting point for a stroll through the countless shopping streets and promenades.

For relaxation you can indulge in a fully functional Turkish bath called ‘Hamam’ from the 15th century, or enjoy the view in one of the many cafes. Of course, the beaches, excursion boats bring the sun-hungry to a bathing island. We also recommend the extensive archaeological museum with prehistoric finds and original pieces from Perge.

Excursion Destinations In The Area

The waterfalls in Düden lie in a beautiful park, a staircase leads to a cave behind one of the two waterfalls. The ancient Perge is a huge archaeological site. The stadium, where gladiator fights used to take place, and the Market Square are now on display.

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