• DATE: 10.12.2018
Anıtkabir Is One Of The Main Attractions In The Capital Of Turkey

Anıtkabir Is One Of The Main Attractions In The Capital Of Turkey

The area consists of three parts, the Lion’s Road, the Square and the Museum of Atatürk. On public holidays and on important occasions, the head of state of Turkey proves to the founder of the state the honor, but also many Turks and foreign State guests visit the Anıtkabir.

In the surrounding buildings there are exhibitions with objects from Ataturk’s life and work, as well as an extensive library and a gallery of battle paintings.

Father Of The Turks

On April 23, 1920, the establishment of the Turkish Republic was announced in Ankara with the opening of the great Turkish National Assembly. On October 29, 1923, the Republic was proclaimed and Mustafa Kemal was elected the first president. After the annulment of the Sultanate 1922, the office of the Caliph was abolished on March 3, 1924.1934 was awarded to Mustafa Kemal of the great Turkish National Assembly (TBMM) the honorary title “Atatürk” (father of the Turks).Atatürk died on November 10, 1938 in the Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul and was first buried in the ethnographic museum in Ankara. After the construction of the Anıtkabir in Ankara, he was buried there on the 10th of November 1953 with a magnificent ceremony.

The Landmark Of Ankara

Anıtksbir is one of the city’s landmarks.The museum, which was built in honor of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, is one of the most visited places in the Turkish capital Ankara. The museum was designed by Emin Onat. Anitkabir is particularly well attended on holidays. On the death of Atatürk, hundreds of thousands of people gather here to commemorate him. Also several thousand tourists come every year to see this monument. The construction of the monument took a total of nine years. It was completed in September 1953.The road to the monument is called the Lion’s Road. A 262 metre long path lined by lion statues leads to the central square of the Museum. The Museum of the monument contains the personal belongings of Atatürk, which are exhibited here. The museum protrudes above all into the air and reminds visually of an ancient temple. In the Hall of Honor the head of state can be honoured. Here is also the sarcophagus, which was made of red marble stone.

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