• DATE: 12.12.2018
Antalya Kursunlu Waterfall

Antalya Kursunlu Waterfall

Antalya Kursunlu Waterfall

Kursunlu waterfall which one of the natural beauties worth seeing our country is located in city center. With the main waterfall that the river formed, smaller waterfalls and ponds offers a tremendous eye for both the locals and the visitors coming from the outside.

Until the year 1986 from its completion of its formation in its natural structure       leaded waterfall waiting to be discovered ,after that date, it has been transformed into a nature park in order to contribute to Antalya tourism. Within the scope of this project in the surrounding areas of the waterfall and pond area picnic places, landscape viewing platforms,playgrounds,walkways that provide ease of navigation was made. For all that parking lots that serve to facilitate private transportation was included in the place.

Said main waterfall is poured from a height of 18 meters. The seven ponds that have come to the water with relatively smaller waterfalls constitute the integrity of the leaded waterfalls. Ponds about 6 meters deep,covers an area of 1600 meters. The rich vegetation of the  Kursunlu waterfall and diversity of maki formation is another factor that increases the natural beauty. There are many different species of trees and small plant communities in the area where the redbird is located. Kursunlu waterfall area is home towild boar, fox, rabbit, squirrel, bat, ibibik, the family such as woodpecker. Beside it,have developed underwater creatures  a broad spectrum of interesting formations.

Accommodation Facilities

In order to protect the natural structure of the Kursunlu Waterfall within the boundaries of the local and no facilities have been deployed to meet the accommodation needs of foreign tourists. The enterprises to be used for this purpose are located near Belek and Antalya center.

Although the tourism sector is not based on very old years, It has become one of the holiday centers. The pine forests and the presence of peanut trees is carefully protected against concrete construction. Historical trees that have played a role in preventing the progress of sea sand in the past have become natural values that modern mankind has meticulously protected.

What to eat? What to drink?

While it is the most ideal spring and summer seasons,there is also a restaurant offering a high quality service for the dining and drinking needs of the Kursunlu selalesi, which offers a distinctive natural integration in the autumn. Almost all kinds of fish are served in these places where many different meat meals are included in the menu.A meal cooked in greenery in a specially designed wooden fairy tale in order to provide a harmonious image with its natural structure, presents a feast to both eyes and palates.

How to go to Kursunlu Waterfall?

In order to reach Kursunlu waterfall, Aspendos boulevard and Serik is followed by Antalya-Isparta road. After going 5 km on this road, the Kursunlu waterfall sign is visible.Slightly curled to the right,The picnic area is reached by following the road of Kursunlu Municipality.

A certain fee is paid at the entrance to the area. But this includes the use of the parking garage and the possibility to be found in all the open spaces. No other payment is requested.

Bus and minibus lines passing through Kursunlu waterfall: Public transport services are also available for Kursunlu waterfall. Buses and minibuses are arranged every hour from the center of Antalya. 524, 524 A, 519 and 230 and 231 minibus lines can be used to reach the leaded waterfall entrance.

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