Turkish Winter Sports Area Palandöken

Located on the 3271 metre high Palandöken, ten kilometres southwest of the town of Erzurum in eastern Anatolia, the winter sports season lasts from the beginning of December to the beginning of May. March and April are the best months according to experts, then it is cold and sunny. With a length of 7.2 kilometers, […]

Büyükada Is A Nice Highlight For A Daily Trip In Istanbul

Nine islands located between 5 and 20 km southeast of the Bosphorus. The most interesting island is the biggest one called Büyükada, with beaches, horse – drawn carriages If you want to escape from Istanbul’s hustle and are looking for some quite and peaceful time, take the next ferry to the Büyükada Island and let […]

The Neuschwanstein Castle Of The Bavarian Fairy Tale Is A Symbol Of Germany All Over The World

Are you planning a longer stay in the mountains or a short break? Discover the feet, the picturesque Lechstadt on the romantic road on the edge of the Allgäuer and Ammergau Alps and their surroundings! In the free state of Bavaria there is really much to see and to marvel at. Some of the landscapes […]