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Ayder Plateau Travel Guide

Ayder Plateau Travel Guide

The Ayder is one of the plateaus that have a dizzying natural beauty. Nature is like a lace. This is a peaceful environment where you can see the rich, oxygenated, green tones. In wooden houses sprinkled with plateaus, this natural beauty is almost complete. Ayder Plateau has natural beauty that you can get away from your problems. You must go there to be away from the crowded and to breathe, to renew and to see the beauty of life. Ayder Plateau offers very nice natural coolness to those who suffer from summer heat. We must know and protect the value of these beauties that nature offers us.

Ayder Plateau, connected to Camlıhemsin district, presents all natural beauties. In the past, transportation was made from footpaths; so that the traditional life cycle and nature were protected from destructive influences that could arise from the outside. Nowadays it is reached there by vehicles. The natural integrity in Ayder Plateau is partially interrupted. Migrations to big cities have left the place of highland highlands to tourism activities. Ayder Plateau is a scene of activity in the Aegean and Mediterranean seaside towns in the summer months.
Ayder Plateau is located 17 km away from Camlihemsin district and 1.350 m. In height. This is the most important plateau in the Eastern Black Sea region. The last preparation point for the north exit of Kackar summit is Ayder Plateau.

There is also Ayder Thermal Water on the Ayder Plateau. The temperature of 50 ° C. There is a facility built by the Special Administration. There are female and male parts, pool and special parts in this thermal water. It is said that the thermal water is good for various diseases. You should also see the Cloud Waterfall at 9 km distance to Ayder Plateau. Cloud Waterfall is one of the biggest waterfalls of the Black Sea. All of the Ayder Plateau’s hotels are made of wood materials to keep the natural buildings. There are many accommodation facilities on Ayder Plateau. Many infrastructures necessary for highland tourism are completed there. Before going there, you should book in hotels not to meet any surprise.

When you go to Ayder Plateau, you can eat trout on the tile and enjoy the scenery in the restaurants. Thanks to this amazing scenery, you will be pleased.

How to get to Ayder Plateau?

You should go to Camlihemsin district from Rize. You will arrive at the Camlihemşin district along the Firtina Stream by following the unique natural beauties. Camlihemşin is also reached at a distance of 17 km in a very beautiful way. You can reach the beautiful scenery along the way and take a break to take pictures. Also, if you do not have a car, buses regularly go to Ayder Plateau in summer and winter.


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