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Beverly Hills in USA Travel info

Beverly Hills in USA Travel info

Beverly Hills is famous as the bosom of the film community. Beverly Hills is synonymous with luxury, lifestyle, expensive shops, boutiques and restaurants where you can see world-known personalities from show business. The city is located in the U.S. state of California, is almost entirely surrounded by the “City of Angels”. Beverly Hills in Los Angeles County, with only part of its eastern border with Doheny Drive is bordered by West Hollywood. Beverly Hills is situated on a total area of ​​14.70 square kilometers and is quite difficult to define its exact boundaries.

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In a population of about 34,000 people, has a clear “class” separation of residential areas. In other words, the more high the hills are housing more celebrities are supposed to inhabit them. The main thoroughfares of the Beverly Hills of east-west boulevards are Wilshire, Santa Monica and Sunset Boulevard. The most expensive and luxury boutiques and shops can be found at cult Rodeo Drive and Beverly Drive. North to the San Fernando Valley leads of Coldwater Canyon Drive. Most people in Beverly Hills south of Sunset Boulevard live in apartments, while the north are houses with higher price. The cheapest apartments in Beverly Hills are concentrated south of Wilshire Boulevard. Almost all offices of companies and government offices in Beverly Hills is located south of Santa Monica Boulevard, with exceptions made only Beverly Hills Hotel and Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Beverly Hills is considered one of the main attractions of Los Angeles. Along with Hollywood and Malibu, notorious Kodak Theatre, where each year are given prestigious “Oscar”, boulevard of stars where the biggest stars in show business have their own star, which has the imprint of his hand and given name, the most lovely places here are the famous beaches of Malibu, Venice, Santa Monica, and Zuma. One of the places of worship in the Beverly Hills Hotel is the same name, located on Sunset Boulevard. For the first time this iconic hotel opened on May 12, 1912 The original building was designed in Renaissance style with beautiful and extensive gardens. Since the beginning of the existence of the city Beverly Hills Hotel is a central meeting place for many businessmen and celebrities. Most people in Beverly Hills called simply “hotel”. In Santa Monica Boulevard did not extend the park (Beverly Gardens Park). The park serves as a provisional separation of residential from commercial areas of the city. The town park has benches, paths, ponds, and twice a year he was the focus of the Art Fair, known as the “Affair in the Garden”. Once a year the park in Beverly Hills takes place and the food festival. Beverly Hills even has its own series of fragrances that capture the unique way the atmosphere and spirit of one of the most popular cities in the states. The collection includes three flavors of perfume: Rodeo, Iconic and Must Have, containing notes of flowers and plants that are found in Beverly Hills, California, including wild rose, peony California, California wild sweet peas and wild California cedar. In the vicinity of Beverly Hills is also of interesting and beautiful places to visit, including Yosemite National Park, Death Valley, San Andreas fault, and Santa Catalina Island, located in the southwest.


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