• DATE: 22.02.2019
Blue Mosque Turkey’s most magnificent mosque

Blue Mosque Turkey’s most magnificent mosque

Turkey’s most magnificent mosque Blue Mosque The Sultan Ahmet Mosque, popularly known as the Blue Mosque, was completed in 1617 just prior to the untimely death of its then 27-year old eponymous patron, Sultan Ahmet I. The mosque dominates Istanbul’s majestic skyline with its elegant composition of ascending domes and six slender soaring minarets. Although considered one of the last classical Ottoman structures, the incorporation of new architectural and decorative elements in the mosque’s building program

and its symbolic placement at the imperial center of the city point to a departure from the classical tradition innovated under the famous 16th-century master architect, Mimar Sinan.Blue Mosque, Turkey’s 6 minarets also carries the distinction of being the only imperial mosque.

The legend about the minaret of the mosque is as follows: “Ahmet I, the sultan wanted to make minarets under gold, but the gold of the gold that would be used in the plaster exceeded the sultan’s budget too much and the mosque’s architect Sedefkar Mehmet Agha made the word” gold ” built the mosque with 6 minarets.

At the western entrance of the courtyard there is a heavy cord from the dam. This cord required that the court be bent to not hit the sultan’s head entering the court.

This was accepted as a symbolic act to show that even the sultan must regulate himself when he entered the mosque.

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