• DATE: 18.01.2019
Bodrum Castle – A Castle Of Masoleum Stones

Bodrum Castle – A Castle Of Masoleum Stones

This mighty castle has been dominated by Bodrum since the Middle Ages. From whichever side you are approaching, whether coming from lake or from the direction of Milas by car, one is impressed by the massive appearance of the castle, the landmark of Bodrum. 
Built on a small peninsula between the two harbour bays of Bodrum, it has certainly got the most exposed place. In its interior, the castle is now home to the world’s most important underwater archaeology museum.

History Of Bodrum Castle

Very beautiful garden, which is captivating by its biodiversity, which is located in the courtyard of the castle. In this garden you can see almost all the trees and plants of the region. The Laurel tree, called Greek Daphne, is also mentioned in mythology often. The Rose laurel with its evergreen leaves and rosy blossoms decorates the fortress all year round.

Information About Bodrum Castle

The fortress was very good against attacks of all kinds. There were fourteen water systems built into the castle. In exceptional conditions, or during victory, these reservoirs served for the water supply. Even today, some of them are still in use.

Only about 1 km to the north were the remains of the mouse mausoleum destroyed by an earthquake. The Knights of St. John report that they used the mausoleum as a quarry for their castle. This fact can still be seen today: many pillar elements and frieze pieces are built into the walls of the castle. The greenish, carefully carved stone blocks taken from the foundation of the mouse mausoleum were used for the castle walls.

In the footsteps of the Crusaders: (Tour of the castle)

Grey, solid, almost menacing-so stands the fort of St. Peter over the Wide Bay, a sign of European-Gothic knightly glory under the sun of the Orient. Visitors should also be able to see the best exhibitions of the whole of western Turkey here today.

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