• DATE: 10.12.2018
Bursa; Where Very Different Highlights Await You

Bursa; Where Very Different Highlights Await You

From a tourist standpoint, the city of Bursa is very interesting and appealing. The city is located near the popular ski resort Uludağ and is characterized by the variety of valuable historical monuments. The guests of the city have a unique opportunity to combine several different types of recreation: to hike through picturesque foothill districts, enjoy winter sports and rich culture and history of the thorough population.

Some Of The Most Important Landmarks In The History Of The City 

One of the city’s historic landmarks is the Great Mosque (Ulu Cami) – the striking monument of the Ottoman Empire. It must be noted that the urban territory and its surroundings have been used by archaeologists for many years. The scientists have discovered the unique finds that originate from the period of the Roman Empire.

Explore The History On A Trip To Bursa City Museum

Visitors to this museum can see the history of the entire city of Bursa, which dates back seven thousand years from the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman period to the present day once you enter the Bursa City Museum on the ground floor, you start with the history of Bursa And you will see many other things.

Exciting And Instructive

In the museums in Bursa and the surrounding area you can stroll, linger and look at the world from a new perspective. Aya – Sofya Museum and also Anatolian Car museum in Bursa show varied exhibits that you can look forward to. You should also not forget a visit to the Ottoman clothing and jewellery Museum of Uluumay or Mudanya  Museum.

Bursa has much more to offer to interested discoverers. Thanks to Bursa City Museum and Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art, this city is a regular treasure trove for artistic fans.

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