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Cappadocia Balloon Tour and Prices / Nevsehir

Cappadocia Balloon Tour and Prices / Nevsehir

Having been chosen as the best balloon tour route in the world, Cappadocia offers the possibility to take a bird’s-eye view of all its beauty. While exploring the natural wonders and miraculous places such as Fairy Chimneys, Goreme, Urgup and Avanos, on the other side, experiencing the balloon tour can be one of the ideal activities for those who want to make the life adventurous and extraordinary. We have all the information about Cappadocia balloon tours!

The Cappadocia balloon tour has been held for 20 years. Organized by more than one company through an area of 4-20 km, this exciting and fabulous Balloon Tour grabs the interest of local and foreign tourists. For the safety of balloon tours, there should be no wind that blows faster than 11 km. For this reason, there are no flights in rainy and stormy weather in which the wind speed is high. Balloon tours can be arranged at any time when weather conditions are convenient.

Balloon tours are controlled by the Civil Aviation Authority. By the same token, it is an obligation for tour companies to take security measures for balloons and get an insurance for balloons. The companies that are not applying these obligations are charged.

According to the weather conditions, balloons that can reach 900 meters in height can be toured for about an hour on Cappadocia. Because the capacity of each balloon is different, the number of balloons to fly can vary depending on the number of people who buy the tour. For a normal balloon, the number of people can range from 10 to 20.


What time does the balloon flight begin?

Many companies choose before the sunrise for their balloon tour. The reason behind this is that it is possible to watch the sunrise from a height of 900 meters and to discover the magnificent scenery created by the sun on Cappadocia. Therefore, flights made in winter start at 05.30 a.m. and those in summer start at 06.30 a.m. Flights lasting an hour averagely usually end at 06.30 a.m. in winter and ends at 07.30 a.m. in summer. All flights are arranged from Cappadocia. Companies spread over a range of 4-20 km.


Two different balloon tours and prices.

There are two different tours available in the Cappadocia that balloon companies offer. Before talking about their prices, it is better to talk about their contents. Nearly every company offers pick-up and drop-off services from the hotel. In addition, the morning breakfast and the medal given after the flight is completed are provided by each company.

Celebrations made with champagne are among the services given by the companies. There are two kinds of balloon tours: long-time tour and short-time tour. Packages with an average of 60 minutes of flight and 90 minutes of flight are available. Each package includes the services mentioned above. Only the time of the tours is different.

The average 60-minute balloon price is 300 liras for each person. However, with the length of the flight, the prices can go up to 350 liras. The flights are offered with a sale of 100 TL on the websites of the tour companies.


8 Balloon Tour Companies in Cappadocia and Contact Numbers:

  1. Royal: 0 384 271 33 03
  2. Anatolia: 0 384 271 23 00
  3. Turca: 0 384 271 30 00
  4. Voyager: 0 384 2871 30 30
  5. Cappadocia Balloon: 0 384 271 24 42

6.Ürgüp Balloon: 0 384 341 56 36

  1. Göreme Balloon: 0 384 341 56 62
  2. Kaya Balloon: 0 384 341 46 48

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