• DATE: 14.12.2018
Carian Rock Tombs Of Kaunos

Carian Rock Tombs Of Kaunos

The ancient city of Kaunos lies in the southwest of today’s Turkey in the small Asian landscape of Karien. The river Dalyan Çayı separates the ancient settlement from the modern village of Dalyan, which is located on the left side to the tourist attractions of the region.

Impressive Sight; These Centuries – Old King’s Tombs Cannot Be Missed

In any case, visit the ancient city of Kaunos, to which the carian rock tombs belonged. Since 1840 were the ruins identified as the ancient Kaunos due to an inscription. But it took over a hundred years to get more involved with the city.

In the course of the excavations lasting for about 50 years, the Hellenistic-Roman city centre as well as the most important sanctuaries of Kaunos were exposed and the ancient structure was restored and preserved.

The Most Important Buildings

Important buildings include  the STOA and the well House on the Harbour Agora,  the Roman baths and the theatre. Numerous statues and honorary monuments testify to the importance of the city in Hellenistic – Roman times.

Despite the intensive archaeological, epigraphical and historical research, a number of questions about the city topography and development of Kaunos remained unanswered to this day. So far it is unclear where the archaic Kaunos was, what the urban development looked like in classical times, and how the town was designed in Hellenistic time in relation to networks and housing estates.

Kaunos is now 3 km from the sea, but the large reed area between the city and the coast makes it possible to see that it was a port town in ancient times. The ancient harbour is still clearly visible in Lake Sülüklü.

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