Pergamon Is One Of The Most Fascinating Ancient Cities In Turkey

The landmark of the ruins of Pergamon is the 10,000 seating theatre on a steep hill below the Acropolis. The seats of the theatre are still excellently preserved and are ideal for a short break. A covered staircase leads above the theatre, near the Athena Sanctuary, to the seat ranks. ‘Gymnasium’ stands on the southern […]

Bodrum Travel Guide, Diary

This time we were prepared for our overnight bus trip. A fellow traveler had given us some advice in Istanbul that a bottle of liquor would help with the overnight bus trip. We purchased a bottle of Malibu Rum in Istanbul but made the mistake of packing it in our backpacks which got stored under […]

Cesme Travel Guide The Pearl Of Aegean Sea

Çeşme; The Pearl Of Aegean Sea Çeşme, a small port town on the top of the peninsula of the same name, is only around 90 km away from Izmir, and 20 km away from the Greek island Chios, which has a daily ferry connection. A Holiday Resort With A Very Long Tradition

 The place is […]

Turkey Ephesus Things To Do, Travel Guide

When you say the word “Turkey” what pops into your mind?. What thoughts are conjured up? For the typical American the response would most definitely be Thanksgiving. The next thought after an American holiday would hopefully be some country near Europe. If I were to ask you to describe the location of the country Turkey […]

Kusadasi Travel Guide

Foaming sea, beautiful beaches and over 350 days of sunshine a year. No wonder Kusadasi has grown into one of Turkey’s important sea-resorts. The ancient ruins of the fortress and its gates are a reminder of the impact the Ottomans had on the city at the beginning of the 15th century. These days, you’ll still […]