The Legend of Fairy Chimneys

The formation of fairy chimneys is a legend just as the example of the story of the fairy chimney told in the region. According to the legend, a young man lives in the village where the fairy chimneys are located. This man works so hard in his youth that he makes grape hangings on the […]

Turkey Cappadocia land of fairy chimneys

Fairy chests are one of the most beautiful residential areas in the world. Thousands of people come to Cappadocia every year to see this natural formation.Many people from various parts of the world come to these world-famous historical beauties and researches about fairy chimneys.

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Cappadocia Balloon Tour and Prices / Nevsehir

Having been chosen as the best balloon tour route in the world, Cappadocia offers the possibility to take a bird’s-eye view of all its beauty. While exploring the natural wonders and miraculous places such as Fairy Chimneys, Goreme, Urgup and Avanos, on the other side, experiencing the balloon tour can be one of the ideal activities for those who want to make the life adventurous and extraordinary. We have all the information about Cappadocia balloon tours!
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