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Van Lake Travel information

The water of the lake is strongly alkaline since the former outflow of the lake was blocked by the volcano Nemrut Mountain. The Van Lake is fed by rivers and streams from the surrounding mountains, over 4,000 m high. The evaporation of the water alone ensures an almost constant water level. How many meters high […]

Prophet Noah’s Ark Mount of Agri

Mount Agrı is the highest mountain in Turkey and in Europe, also it is the world’s second largest volcanic mountain. It lies 15 km north east of Dogubayazit in the south of Igdır province within the borders of the Eastern Anatolia Region. Agrı mountain, also known as its legends, is also known as a sacred […]

The most beautiful lake in the east is Tortum Lake

If you are passionate about nature, you want to go and discover the tortum lake like us. We will share with you the information about where the Tortum lake is, how to get there, and the trip we have made. If you go Erzurum, you should visit Uzundere district. There are nature beatuy like Tortum waterfall.   Read more about The most beautiful lake in the east is Tortum Lake