Butterfly Valley in Olu Deniz, Dead Sea Fethiye, Turkey

Butterfly Valley With A Breathtaking And Unique Nature Worldwide

   Near the well-known tourist resort of the Fethiye region on the Turkish Mediterranean coast there is a beautiful bay with an adjacent valley called “Butterfly Valley”.
To get to the beach of the somewhat inaccessible valley from the shore, you can take a water taxi from […]

Tas Köprü As One Of The Landmark In Southern Turkey

Tasköprü is the symbol of Adana. This is a bridge over the Sam River. At this river narrowing the bridge connects Sam (West-Adana) and Yüregir (east-Adana) for more than 2000 years. The bridge was built during the Roman Empire by the architect Auxentius. It Was One Of The Oldest Bridges In The World That Was […]

Convince Yourself Of The Uniqueness Of Cyprus

Convince Yourself Of The Uniqueness Of Cyprus

   Cyprus is an absolute dream destination for sun-hungry and cultural friends alike. While the Island  provides you with beautiful beaches and turquoise water, you can encounter historical treasures and buildings in Northern Cyprus. The Cyprus Conflict

   Cyprus is an island in the eastern Mediterranean, south of […]

Why do we prefer Side, Kemer, Alanya ?

Why do we prefer Side, Kemer, Alanya ? Local and foreign tourists who prefer Kemer, live both summer and winter together. After The tourist swim at the moonlight beach, they enjoy the snowing pleasure at the 2365 meters high. Tourists say that ” Kemer is incredible place. We can live the combination of the two […]