3 Day Paraguay Trip

We flew into Asuncion, Paraguay from Bolivia. Entering Bolivia we encountered our first body search going through airport security. Every person going through security was taken into a room and the door was shut behind them. I was not too anxious for this, with visions of cavity searches ahead. The other surprising thing was that […]

Ski Vacation in Colorado

There are many holiday destinations in the U.S., but few are better than the centenary of the state if you are interested in skiing during the trip. There are countless ski resorts in Colorado that offer accommodation, access to restaurants and entertainment and ski world-class course. These stations Colorado are available in a variety of […]

Tourist’s Paradise in Maldives

Maldives is a tourist paradise, located in the Indian Ocean is the smallest country in the world and is threatened by global warming and rising sea levels. Maldives is a collection of live coral islands with live Sea Life, clean beaches, lagoons full of color and plenty of hot sun. People here are friendly and […]