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Convince Yourself Of The Uniqueness Of Cyprus

Convince Yourself Of The Uniqueness Of Cyprus

Convince Yourself Of The Uniqueness Of Cyprus


Cyprus is an absolute dream destination for sun-hungry and cultural friends alike. While the Island  provides you with beautiful beaches and turquoise water, you can encounter historical treasures and buildings in Northern Cyprus.

Convince Yourself Of The Uniqueness Of Cyprus

The Cyprus Conflict


Cyprus is an island in the eastern Mediterranean, south of the Turkish coast. Although the whole island is considered as Republic of Cyprus and an EU member, the north-eastern part was declared after years of unrest by the former Turkish Cypriot President Denktaş to the Turkish Republic of Cyprus.

Convince Yourself Of The Uniqueness Of Cyprus

Fortress Of Kyrenia


The bulwark used to serve as a harbour fortress before it was converted into a tourist attraction in 1960. The building can be dated back to the 7th century, as the oldest remnants of the former Harbour fortress date from this period. On your tour of the castle, be sure to look out for the tomb of the Admiral Sadık Pasha and afterwards make a trip to the shipwreck Museum.


Oriental Flair With A Lot Of Charm Awaits You, Absolutely Recommended

Convince Yourself Of The Uniqueness Of Cyprus

Don’t let it take you to relax on the beaches, to explore the picturesque old towns and also to visit such exciting places as thearcades of the Great Khan, in the centre of the capital city. This old trading hostel is a great building with a courtyard where you can find cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops where most of the goods are still handmade by locals. Oriental flair with a lot of charm awaits you.


Abandoned Atmosphere


A highlight for all lovers of abandoned places is certainly Varosha, a former favorite place of the tourists directly on the green Line, the buffer zone between “Greek” and “Turkish” part of Cyprus. In the past, the holidaymakers strolled along the promenade, today the village is a real ghost city and restricted area. Drone shots show how nature gradually recaptures the city.


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