• DATE: 10.12.2018
Denver in Usa Travel info

Denver in Usa Travel info

Denver is known as one of the good and cheap places to live in the U.S.. Denver is the capital and largest city of the U.S. state of Colorado. County and city of Denver is part of the administrative division of the country, and Metropolis Denver – Aurora is the 21st most populous in the United States. Denver is situated on the South Platte Valley Sout (South Platte River), 20 km from foot of the Rockies. Is called the “mile high city” (Mile-High City), because Denver is situated at an altitude of 1609 meters, which is exactly 1 mile. In Denver itself home to some 600,158 people, making it the 24th most populous U.S. city. Denver City was founded in November 1858.

Emerged as a mining town during the gold rush Pikes Peak in the western areas of Kansas. At that time there were huge tracts of land sold for pieces of gold prospectors, or exercises of the mosquito. In the early 20th century Denver along with many other American cities began to deal with car production. An interesting fact is that Denver was selected to host the Winter Olympics in 1976, but local voters voted against because of high amounts of games will cost the city. As a result, the Olympics has been moved to Innsbruck in Austria. Thus, Denver remains down in history as the only city that refused to host the Winter Olympics. Denver has 80 neighborhoods. Became an important commercial center with good economy, which to some extent based on its geographical position.

denver in usa travel info

Denver is situated midway between the cities of the Midwest – Chicago and St. Louis and those on the West Coast. Another factor in the current trade in Denver is that it is associated with some of the main thoroughfares of the country. It is the largest metropolis in a radius of 800 km and is an important trading post for goods mountain states. Denver boasts a rich cultural life. Some of the most important landmarks are the Congress Center of Colorado, Ogden Theatre, built in 1917, which is in the national register of historic landmarks and Denver Botanic Gardens. They are spread over a whole area of ​​93,000 square meters and has a huge conservatory and underwater amphitheater. Denver has over 200 parks, ranging from small mini-parks throughout the city and reach the giant 1.3 sq km park.

Denver boasts of many museums, among which is the new wing of the Denver Art Museum, built by world famous architect Daniel Libeskind. This is the second largest performing arts center in the country after Lincoln Center in New York. Lodo is a neighborhood of Denver, later able to find many art galleries, restaurants, bars and clubs. Near the town, in a complex mountain with many casinos. Near Mount provides opportunities for enjoyment of the weekend. Although the city has many lakes and parks, many residents prefer Denver mountain air this weekend.

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