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Discover the Bellagio Fountains

Discover the Bellagio Fountains

Las Vegas is a city famous for its glamorous and exciting nightlife. Is well known as “Sin City” is the playground of the rich and famous. Without a doubt, the entertainment center of Las Vegas and closed in the United States. It is also considered a shopping paradise of joy with its wide range of shops and shopping centers. The glittering Las Vegas casinos attract millions of tourists every year. However, Las Vegas has much more to offer part of the gaming and entertainment world class. If you really want to get the most out of your Las Vegas vacation, here are some exciting things of interest in town to do.

Stroll the Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas Strip is the heart of Las Vegas. It is one of the most glamorous and dazzling stretch in the city. You can find some of the most extravagant casinos and luxury hotels on the Strip. As night falls, the band comes alive with the glare of neon lights and some of the biggest hotels in the world. You can simply stroll along the strip to the attractions, the resort to experience the fascination of millions across the world. You can also performances and events that are worth the time.

Bellagio Fountains

Discover the Bellagio Fountains

It is a sound and light show at the fountain of the Bellagio Hotel. It’s a visually appealing show that includes dancing fountains to the music of Sinatra to Pavarotti. Fountains of Bellagio is one of the main attractions of Las Vegas. The best part is that the show absolutely free!

Visit Hoover Dam

Located about 45 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, is one of the most popular lakes in the United States. Hoover Dam is 726 meters high and offers stunning views of the surrounding area. You can get a guided tour through the remarkable story of the dam. The dam has created an adjacent waters named Lake Mead. When you finish the tour, guests can relax by the lake for a refreshing break.

Experience Stratosphere Rides

The Stratosphere Tower is the tallest freestanding office observation in the United States. If you go on deck, you can enjoy the beautiful skyline of Las Vegas, the hotels on the Strip and even the snowy peaks of the mountains nearby. Charleston. There are also walks to the top of the stratosphere, which are considered the greatest journeys in the world. If this does not, then you can use the “Big Shot”, which takes you 160 feet in the air, trying at 45 mph and then again to zoom down. Also, do not miss the ride Insanity mind bending that turns you 64 feet from the edge of the tower.

Shop at the Fashion Show Mall

The Fashion Show Mall is located on the Strip and is a paradise for shoppers. The mall has over 200 stores, which always give you on your toes with the wide range of goodies will be. As its name implies, you can shop in the true style. He is the host of fashion shows that recent trends indicate the popular designer.

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