• DATE: 22.02.2019
Don’t Miss The Spectacular Peculiarity Of The Istanbul Military Museum

Don’t Miss The Spectacular Peculiarity Of The Istanbul Military Museum

The Military Museum is one of the largest museums in Istanbul and is located on north of Taksim in the Harbiye district. It shows the history of war and weapons from the beginnings of the Ottoman Empire to the founding of the Turkish Republic.

Once known as Byzantium and later Constantinople, the city’s history is as alternating as it is exciting. It played an important role in the Romans as well as in the Byzantine and Ottoman empires and served as the capital city.

The Istanbul Military Museum is among the other exciting points of contact. Otherwise the cultural life of the city is extremely diverse. The Military Museum is one of the leading museums in the world as well as the richness of its collection.

The Museum Is Assigned To Several Floors In Different Categories

Many objects have been exhibited here for the visitor, which put them back in time and illustrate the development of the military. Among other things, there are lances, daggers, pistols, tents, medals, armored signs, flags and paintings to be seen.

Another Attraction Is The Atatürk Hall

Here is the remarkable collection of the Ottoman general and state founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk presented. Also noteworthy are the fourteen swords of Sultan Suleyman, the Magnificent and the accessories of his horse.

The collection also shows the famous chain drawn by the Byzantines before the conquest of Constantinople by the Golden Horn, thus preventing the invasion of the Ottoman army.

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