• DATE: 10.12.2018
Explore Side And Its Nature

Explore Side And Its Nature

Side, the Turkish resort located between the cities of Antalya and Alanya, is perfect for an unforgettable holiday all year round. While the high temperatures and the fine sandy beaches in summer guarantee a perfect bathing holiday, the hot spas attract guests from all over the world in the winter too.

A visit to the village of Selimiye, which today is situated above the southern part of the ancient side, is especially obligatory in the cold season. Here you will find sites from a seemingly long past like the harbour thermal baths and the large thermal baths.

A Journey Through The Ancient Side Remains Forever Unforgotten

Of course, it is very close to visit this Turkish city for a bathing holiday, as the weather and the beautiful landscape invite. But Side has much more to offer than summer, sun and beach due to its 3500 year old history. Even today, a sightseeing tour will take you to a multitude of buildings that have been preserved from the ancient port city.

The Holiday Guests Expect An Impressive Backdrop With The Five Pillars Of The Temple

They were once rebuilt under great force costs. Just before the sunset, it is here unforgettable holiday photos. You can also use your side trip to discover the species-rich underwater world of the Turkish Riviera.

Snorkelers will come to Turkey’s holiday in Side completely at their expense. You can also experience a small nature spectacle west of the city: here numerous sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. Don’t miss this!

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