• DATE: 12.12.2018
Fascinating Nemrut Mountain

Fascinating Nemrut Mountain

The Mountain Nemrut, Located In The Southeast Of Turkey, Belongs To The Taurus Mountains And Lies Northeast Of Adıyaman In The Province Of The Same Name.

At its summit, the remains of a sanctuary and the Tomb of three kings of Kommagene rise. Nemrut Mountain within the boundaries of the district town of Kâhta of the province of Adıyaman, houses a cult site of the Kommagene kingdom. At its summit, a monumental combination of sanctuary and tomb rises, which is of particular interest to culture lovers. The area was declared a national park in 1988. In the year 1987, the Tomb sanctuary was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List

The sanctuary built here was supposed to be the center of a new religion, which was founded by a king , which was supposed to be the Persian and Greek mythology.

The tomb consists of a boulder landfill, which has a diameter of 150 meters. The hill is surrounded by three terraces, one in the north, the west and the east.

2,150 Meters Absolutely Underestimated

The Nemrut Mountain is a place from where you can watch the sun rise and fall best. This was visited last year by six thousand tourists from abroad.

Dozens of stone sculptures, up to nine meters high, on the two terraces below the artificial mountain peak, are considered by many to be a response from Asia to the stone idols of the Easter Islands.

Fascinating spectacle of the rising sun in conjunction with the increasingly radiant figures from a long forgotten cult, but still very impressive. This place has something magical, something spiritual, and it testifies to the energy and conviction.

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