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Galata Tower’s Legendary Love

Galata Tower’s Legendary Love


It is estimated that the Galata Tower, which was once called Jesus Tower, was built at the beginning of the 500 AD, although the exact date of its construction is not known.The oldest and most important work of the historical Galata region; The Romans, the Venetians, the Genoese and the Ottomans used them for different purposes. ……..


Galata Tower Legends

Perhaps the most interesting legend among Galata Tower legends is the oldest one.According to this legend, the Romans believed in the following:If a man and a woman get together for the first time in Galata Tower, they will definitely get married …But if one of the couples had gone to the tower before (either by someone else or by themselves), this talisman has broken down.

Galata Tower’s legendary love

This legend is a more fanciful story.According to this Galata Tower and Maiden Tower are in love with each other.But it is also impossible to meet because of the incompetent throat.Day-to-day craving is increasing.Then one day, Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi climbed the tower, to fly from Europe to the Anatolian side.It can not stand the insistence of the Galata Tower, it is winged by taking the letters that the tower has accumulated for centuries and leaves them at the Maiden Tower nearing the shore of Salacak.The letters blown by the wind reach the Maiden’s Tower with the help of the waves.Maiden’s tower who understands that love is not free is more beautiful after letters.At this point, Galata Tower understands that love is not one-sided.These emotions, which the couple feels against each other, allow them to challenge each other for centuries … So you should take your love and climb the galata tower. each season has a different beauty galata tower

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