• DATE: 14.12.2018
Gemiler Island’s Adventure İs Not Only Reserved For Archaeologists

Gemiler Island’s Adventure İs Not Only Reserved For Archaeologists

St. Nicholas Island (Gemiler Adası) is just 10 km from the airline south of Fethiye and is easily accessible by car. The road starts near the fortress of Fethiye and leads South, partly steeply up into the mountains. After about 7 km you have reached the plateau with the town of Kayaköy.

The Summit Church Of St. Nicholas Is The Most Outstanding Building On The Island

Where the ruins are lured: The Gemiler island’s most popular destination in front of Fethiye is the precinct around the island of Miletus (St. Nicholas Island) near the station.

On the island of Gemiler are many ruins under water. The island is located in the eastern part of Fethiye Bay.  In the maps of the Middle Ages it is said that there is a church dedicated to the Holy Niklas on the top of the island. Because of this dedication, the island was named Aya Nikola in the Middle Ages.

On the eastern side is semi-circular with some steps of the Synthronon as the seating area of the monks. The plinths of the Templons and altar in front, as well as part of the mosaic area on the ground, are excavations of the Fethiye Museum.

Historical sights are the approximately 2,300 year old Lycian rock tomb of the Amyntas, the ruins of the cross robber from the 14th century and the two old town districts Kadyanda and Kayaköy. Also worth seeing are the remains of the Hellenistic theatre.

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