• DATE: 10.12.2018
Get To Know The History Of Phaselis

Get To Know The History Of Phaselis

Phaselis is located 15 km from the centre of Kemer and is located east of the  Kemer – Kumluca highway. You can take the service from Kemer to the south Kumluca and get off at the junction Phaselis. The ruins of the city, which was abandoned centuries ago, are a perfect way to get to know the history of Turkey.

Day trip to Phaselis offers many possibilities

Walks through the pine-wooded grounds, visiting the ancient sites, swimming on one of the bays, snorkeling over  neighborhoods or even fishing and picnicking with campfires and barbecues are strictly prohibited. Especially for children this can be an eventful day trip. You can look in the ruins , on the northern for small mussels and hermit crabs  and then in the shallow sloping water on the southern Bay.


Phaselis was originally founded by settlers from Rhodes. They have seen the legend of their ships from the perfect natural ports of the peninsula, on which Phaselis lies and immediately established a colony there.

Due to its good location, the city has quickly become an important trading centre in the eastern Mediterranean. Ships from the east have been able to make a safe stopover on the route to Greece and later to Rome in the ports.

This is the most beautiful swimming bay in the city in my opinion. The sandy beach is widest and the bay protected from all sides has the lowest swell. In addition, you can see the walls of the harbour and other buildings sunk in the sea water well.


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