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Girona and Figueres in Spain

Girona and Figueres in Spain

question: Hello people. I will go next month on my vacation to Spain. I am planning to travel around Spain for three weeks. I have planned my whole itinerary. But, there are two cities that I do not know much about. Those are Girona and Figueres. So I am looking now for some advices about these two cities. Thanks.
Hello to you. I am from Spain and I can tell you that these two cities are really nice. Although they are not so familiar they are still often tourist attractions. Girona is located in the northeast of Spain. It is a walled city not so far from Barcelona. There are a lot of activities that you can take in Girona (or Gerona). For example you can go on a tour around city by foot, and then you can visit museums since there are a lot of them. This city is famous by its restaurants too. Considering Figueres this city is also great for visiting. There are a lot of nice hotel in which you can stay. For instance you can stay in the Pirineos-pelegri hotel, the Emporda hotel or the Torremirona Relais. Enjoy your stay.
Girona and Figueres in Spain

Girona is a nice city to do some sight seeing and shopping – although Barcelona has more to offer in both sectors. There is the cathedral, the really pituresque old city center with what used to be the Jewish quarter, the ramblas and the pretty little streets with intersesting shops along the river. And there is a fairly new shopping mall on the outskirt in Salt. I would say that Girona is well worth a visit.

But in my opinion you can´t really say the same about Figueres. There is one important attraction: the Dali Museum. If you like Dali, it is definitely a must (along with Cadaques, where Dali had his summer house). If you aren´t into surealism, skip Figueres! Ther is not much else to be seen apart from the nice central square and the rather small pedestrian zone. If you have a day to spare, catch a bus and visit Cadaques at 35 km distance, you will enjoy it a lot more!

Well, Girona is the smallest region in the northern part of Spain and its estimated population around 95,000 but its tourist favorite place and numbers of tourist visit there. Moreover, Girona has few hotels you’ll want to reserve if you travel to Girona in the summer.


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