Have you been searching for Turkish delight? Correct place Egyptian or Spice Bazaar)

Have you been searching for Turkish delight? Correct place Mısır Çarşısı (Egyptian or Spice Bazaar)

In Istanbul, where products from both the East and the West are gathered, bazaars are important commercial centers of the city for centuries. Egyptian Bazaar, a building belonging to the Ottoman town tissue the only one of these centers.



Monday-Sunday = 8:00am – 7:30pm


The Egyptian Bazaar, built as part of the New Mosque Complex during its construction, maintains its position as one of the liveliest spots in Istanbul for centuries with its product range extending from the Balkans to Europe, from the Northern Mediterranean to the Arabian Peninsula.

From the 17th century to the present day, the Egyptian Bazaar is one of the oldest covered bazaars that kept the eastern face of Istanbul in its most exotic form. During its era, a large number of spices and herbal medicinal herbs from the Far East countries from India to Arabia, It was sold. Since a large part of the goods came over Egypt, it was started to be called the Egyptian Bazaar in time.

Situated right next to the New Mosque and Flower Market in Eminonu, the Egyptian Bazaar is the first address for those seeking traditional Turkish delicacies such as spices, herbal teas and lokum.

In 1660 IV. Mehmed’s mother, Hatice Turhan Sultan, was built by architect Kâzım Ağa. There are a total of 86 shops in the bazaar, which are restored over time and arrive daily from six different doors.

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