History Of Hagia Sophia


The Great Hagia Sophia Church was the third built by Roman Emperor Justinian is the largest Hagia Sophia church. It is the largest cathedral of the earth for 1000 years and it is the only sanctuary that has been worshiped for 1400 years, including the 916 year church and the 480 year mosque.

If we go beyond the numbers, it is actually a complete architectural fault, but it is still an engineering wonder. Of course, you can ask, “How does this work, which harbors such contradictions within itself, stand for 1500 years?”

The Hagia Sophia Church, 532 After the Nika riot, by Emperor Justinian and a worship service was opened in 537. 1.Hagia Sophia Church started to be built by the Great Constantine and his son Constantinus opened a worship service (MS 360). He called the Great Church in the sense of Magna Ecclesia. The resulting rebellions were destroyed.

The second Hagia Sophia was built by Emperor 2.Theodosius this time instead of the first, and a prayer was opened in 415.It was destroyed during the Nika riot.

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