• DATE: 22.02.2019
Instagram phenomenon Katya karadeniz Sharing 10 beautiful photos and videos

Instagram phenomenon Katya karadeniz Sharing 10 beautiful photos and videos

Who is katya_karadeniz

we have been living in Turkey for 15 years. We perfectly master the Turkish language, we are well versed in Turkish culture and mentality.  Katya has been doing mountain trekking since childhood, then it was also called hiking 🙂 Dasha is a professional photographer. Together we organized practical routes through the most picturesque region of Turkey – Karadeniz.



Do you also get a nervous laugh when it’s scary and incomprehensible where you will rest your head in a couple of seconds of flight? 😄 I have not felt a contracting stomach for a long time … My guests are 2018, are you ready? 😉 I tried everything on myself, if I do not find the rope more authentic, then before lunch on the penultimate day of our trip, flutter to us here 👆 Buckle up, we take off


The flight is still normal, everything is like in my previous birthdays – no special desires, goals, aspirations. Everything is there, just enough. Strange everything. I do not remember exactly when the desire to celebrate this holiday was lost, most likely when I began to buy candy myself 😄 Turkey also helped in this matter – few people here consider the DR for the event. Everything, time is already the 12th hour, it’s time to sleep



I returned to Istanbul … Usually after a trip to the mountains I sit 2-3 days at home, I get used to the sounds, the noise of a megacity and ordinary life. 🙈 This time, after spending the kids in Trabzon, I wanted to stay for a few more days in Karadeniz, the weather is there excellent – the sun, everything on the beach 😍 I thought to travel to places where I had not been before. So it would have happened, if not for the project calling for the meeting in Istanbul 🙈 So yesterday I got to the full 😄 Not only that the office for the whole day, so also in Umranie! It’s very far from my house, I had to get back 3 days on deer for crazy traffic 🤦♀ Now I’m going for a run along the Bosphorus, to restore my psyche and prepare for a long time it’s time for the November marathon as a bee


How hard it is to choose from a hundred frames made in one location 😄 Let it be the biggest problem for today



Every day spent in these places is magic. I have feelings about this region mixed – on the one hand I want everyone to know about Karadeniz, they came here to see all this beauty to their eyes, covers euphoria and want to share left and right to all that I know about these places and that the guests always immediately found / saw / tried the best. On the other hand, there is a fear that mammoths will all be worn out 😄 And I always think about posting or not posting recommendations / reviews about a place or event



Already very soon, on April 28th I will again be in my favorite fairy tale. 💚 Coolness, greenery, freshness, vast expanses – all this awaits me and a group of lucky ones who decided to spend the May holidays in Karadeniz! In the evening we will create a general chat room, get acquainted with all the girls and … a boy from Ghana 🤷♀😂
For this year, in addition to regular trips, I have three trips planned for myself. 🙈 One country in Europe (today it has finally received a Schengen), one in South America and one in Southeast Asia. If all this suddenly comes true, there will be dances 💃
Who plans to go on vacation where we can go?


Winnie the Pooh and all all !!! We shoot quickly on the page to @sergeysuxov congratulate with the upcoming, give your heart and subscribe! Серёжа has left, but promised to return 😉 More often to me in Карадаениз there would arrive such talents And more that’s what. I do not know how much exactly, but it seems more than a couple of years I have not read a single book … I just bought and put it on the shelf. It is very strange to realize this. Took now in hands “Wine from dandelions” – barely read two pages, the brain constantly thinks something in parallel to reading, is distracted 🤔 And everything is successive – and important and garbage any. All? I will never again be able to concentrate on anything other than a couple of messages in social networks? Instagram of the brain is not otherwise 🤦♀ On Sunday, again I am flying to Izmir for 10 days, it is necessary to take a book with me!


Hello everyone 🙋♀ Lousy everything about the bath, so today I’m coming to you with the best news of the coming season! From this year in the Aider (Rize, Black Sea region of Turkey) # heliski !!! For those who have not heard before, they are helicopter skis for skiers on snow-capped peaks. About a month ago, when I was there, showed in the story how the guys were preparing, doing training flights and descents. International group of professional freeriding guides awaits you in February and March 😉 The highest point is Kachkar – 3937m. The beauty and relief of the Pontic Mountains is impressive!


10) I think the best


All with the come, friends of Health, happiness, more unforgettable moments in life to you and your loved ones. Dream, make wishes, travel, everything will come true!

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