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Istanbul Dolmabahce Palace

Istanbul Dolmabahce Palace

Istanbul Dolmabahce Palace

While the area where Dolmabahce Palace is located is one of the first coaches to be anchored by the Ottoman Fleet, some maritime festivals are being started here in time.With its becoming a marsh, it begins to be filled in the 1800s and becomes one of the gardens used for the rest of the sultans.


The construction of today’s palace in the gardens where different garden decorating arts were performed from time to time and small structures in different styles were built, corresponds to the period of Sultan Abdülmecit I.The structure of the building is completely finished in 1855, it will be one of the most important centers of residence of the sultans.Also it has hosted many foreign government representatives in the Republican Period. Last permanent guest of the palace is Mustafa Kemal Atatürk who wakes up his eyes on 10 November 1938.

Dolmabahce palace, which has been opened for public visit within the structure of national palaces today, is one of the first places to visit in Istanbul to take a closer look with its unique decorations, architectural details,hand-woven unique carpets, chandelier craftsmanship, glass Pavilion, salutation, Palace collections, baths and the bed where Mustafa Kemal closed his eyes to life.

Dolmabahce Palace Entrance Fee Of The Student

Student travel Ticket 1 euro

Palace Collections Museum Euro 1

Disabled entry fee is not charged. At the same time, there is no charge for the disabled as well as the accompanying persons.

Is Dolmabahce Palace free on November 10th?

Every year on November 10, The Palace is free for all visitors attending the Atatürk commemoration event.

Is the Museum Card valid at Dolmabahce Palace?

As in all national palaces, the museum card is not valid in Dolmabahce Palace. The tours you will take in the Palace are accompanied by a group or a guide.

Visiting Hours Of Dolmabahce Palace


Opening                   Closing

09:00  a.m                16:00 p.m


The Palace is closed to visitors on Mondays and Thursdays. For different questions, you can contact the staff with the Palace’s contact details and get more detailed information. Dolmabahce Palace Saturday is open for our visitors who wonder if the answer will be yes.Dolmabahce Palace working hours and Dolmabahce Palace working days are as mentioned above.

Where is the  Dolmabahce Palace?

Palace,which extending  Dolmabahce Street between Besiktas and Kabatas,has a zero position on the Bosphorus.Palace which was built on a 600 meter long marble pier in the Bosphorus,is one of the most rare works of the Bosphorus.

How to go to Dolmabahce Palace?

Those coming from the Anatolian side can reach the Dolmabahce Palace after a 5-minute walk if they come to Kabataş with marine engines departing from Üsküdar.In the same way, it is possible to get to Beşiktaş by sea from Kadikoy or Üsküdar and reach the palace in a 10-minute walk.

Those who want to go to Dolmabahce Palace with Metrobus will arrive at Zincirlikuyu stop and buses going from here to Taksim will be able to come by bus until almost at the door of Dolmabahce Palace.

If you want to go to Dolmabahce Palace by bus, it will be enough to use any bus from Kabatas or Besiktas.

If you want to go to Dolmabahce Palace by Metro, you can come up to Taksim with Taksim-Hacıosman Metro line and get down to Kabataş from here.

If you want to come to the Dolmabahce Palace with your personal vehicle, whether they come from Beşiktaş, Taksim or Eminönü, you can go to the paid parking lot right next to the palace.

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