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Kızkalesi: A Beautiful Place In The Southern Turkey

Kızkalesi: A Beautiful Place In The Southern Turkey

Over the past decades, Kızkalesi has developed into a tourist centre on the southern coast of Turkey. Landmark of the small town is the Castle, located about 200 m in front of the beach in the sea. According to legend, it was built by a ruler who wanted to protect his daughter from a prophesied death by snake bite-in vain.

How To Reach The Castle From The Beach

Experienced swimmers can swim to the castle, and in summer you can rent small boats for the crossing.
On the beach, opposite the  Castle, is the fortress Korykos. In ancient times, Korykos was an important port city, and today there are still some ruins, among them churches and the necropolis. About 7 km to the west are the interesting Korykos caves. Nearby you should also visit in Narlıkuyu the Roman tomb reliefs about 8 km north of Kızkalesi.

Beach With Fine Sands And Ideal Holiday Destination For Families

The beach is flat and the sand fine. An ideal place to enjoy beach holidays with children. Especially before or after the summer holidays the place is considered an insider tip. The water is warm, the sun is not too hot and the beach is not crowded. Kizkalesi is a 1104 Byzantine fortress built on a small island, about 200 meters from the beach. It owns the name “Maiden Castle” to the legend of a princess who was banished to her protection on the island because of an  early death which was prophesied by a snake bite. Nevertheless, she was bitten by a snake that came to the island in a fruit basket.

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