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Lara Beach Turkey Nightlife

Lara Beach Turkey Nightlife

Lara beach is located at 18 km southeast of Antalya city center (Republic Square). The beach is 20 kilometers away to the ring road, 22 kilometers to the bus station and 23 kilometers away to the Konyaalti beach.

Karpuzkaldiran (Military beach) beach is located at the west of Lara beach and at the east; there are Kundu village and Kumkoy beach. Lara beach is a beach known for its sandy beaches and the width of sandy beaches. Therefore, Lara beach is also called as Altinkum beach.

The length of Lara beach is 2 km in the east-west direction and the width of the north-south beach is 45 meters on average. In the beach area, there are points where the sand is drawn 150-200 meters north. At these points, the sand and the reddish-grass trees almost intertwined. There is no continuous connection between the sand beneath the redwood trees and the sand on the coast. These two sandy terraces are covered with terra rosa soils and pebbles. The sands in these two different sand dunes are the same as their origins. The deflation of the wind and the reverse movements of the dunes allow these dunes to move away from each other. Beaches usually cover a certain strip in contact with the sea, sand dunes are located on old beach areas, or vegetation is settled. This is the result of the transport of sand and gravel along the coast.

The sand dunes at Lara beach, known for its fine sand dunes, range in size from 0.5 to 0.15 millimeters. Since fine sand dunes are good for rheumatic diseases in summer, tents are pitched continuously in the area of Lara beach and Kizilcam.

Lara beach and a large part of its surroundings include some public institutions of summer training camps. For those who complete a certain period of service and are paying annual rent, a tent building area of 20 m2 or bungalow type dwellings which are fixed throughout the year are rented.

Although they are far from the city center, these people who have the opportunity to go to work places in the summer months stay with their families for 75 days on average.

Some public institutions have more than 250 tents in the camping areas. On average, these places where a thousand people live seem like a tent city. The necessary substructure has been provided for tents and bungalows. Especially in the case of basic needs, requirements such as electricity and water can easily be provided.

During nearly three months of accommodation, families farm in small areas near the tents and bungalows, even on small lands on the land they bring from different places. Visitors plant pepper, eggplant and other vegetables as well as ornamental plants to these small areas to get their daily needs.

With the school’s holiday, families arrive at the campground with trucks and the camp site is emptied in the form of a mass migration near the opening of the schools. Although weather conditions and seawater temperatures are appropriate for entering the sea even after the school has opened, a great number of the visitors return with the opening of schools.

Lara, a vibrant and lively residential area in the summer months, gets a calmer appearance during the winter months. It is noteworthy that in winter months most of the dwellings are empty. This can be explained by the fact that those who are financially available are the second homeowners in the area and that some of the dwellings are timeshare.

When we compare Lara beach with Konyaalti beach, we can see that the sea on Lara beach is getting deeper (25 meters) further from the shore. The sea water temperature at Lara beach is more than felt at Konyaalti beach.

Accommodation near Lara beach is convenient, with five-star hotels, twenty pensions and many vacation rental apartments in the surrounding area.

Although Lara is a neighborhood of the city of Antalya, it does not show the characteristics of a typical residential area. It’s more like a holiday town, resort or entertainment center. Another highlight of Lara beach and its surroundings is the density of local tourists rather than foreign tourists. As most of the foreign tourists come with package tours, they stay in holiday villages or in the hotels and prefer to stay far away from the city center.

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