• DATE: 10.12.2018
Marmaris National Park Is An Unpolluted Nature With Its Diverse Rich Flora

Marmaris National Park Is An Unpolluted Nature With Its Diverse Rich Flora

In the Turkish Aegean is the popular resort of Marmaris. The beautiful coastline with the sandy beaches and the protected natural harbour made the place known already in ancient times. Today’s port city has a variety of leisure facilities and is completely set on tourism.

One Of The Many Natural Attractions Of Marmaris Is The National Park

Just half an hour away from the seaside town of Marmaris, in the western Turkish province of Mugla, is the Marmaris National Park with its many visitors the most visited natural area of Turkey in recent years.

Most of the national parks, like this one have in Turkey five – star ratings on the  tourist websites, which, according to their own information on their homepage, distinguishes accommodation, restaurants and sights, which are consistently getting outstanding reviews from travelers.

Lots Of Activities

Ride or wander through the park. Discover pine forests, orange groves and the pristine nature of the park. In the Marmaris National Park are archaeological ruins and historical monuments such as Amos ruins, Phsykos ancient city and Marmaris Castle. Sweetened trees, commonly seen in coastal sections, are endemic plant species identified with the national park. The long – lasting tourist attractions of the Park area provide transportation and accommodation facilities for visitors.

The Number Of Visitors Has Increased With The Necessary Environmental Arrangements

Since the national Park has both sea and forest areas, conservation is of great importance for marine and terrestrial biodiversity. Social equipment, infrastructure and superstructure facilities are also protected. Investments were made to the protected areas for the visitors to spend time in peace.

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