North America’s largest single ski resort?

What is the largest single ski resort in North America? To tell the truth, I have never been on a winter holiday in this part of the USA, and I am thinking of going there this winter, but since I am not too familiar with this area, I could really use some help.

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alta ski resort,
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I am really not sure how to answer this question, because even if there were an official piece of information related to this, I am afraid that I am not familiar with it. But, if it means anything, Montana is said to have the largest ski area in the whole America.
Well, I am not sure how reliable information it is, but I know that Vail Reigns is said to be one of the best and the largest single ski resorts in the whole North America. Again, it would probably be the best to check it out with some travel agencies, but at least now you have something to begin with.
Don’t get me wrong, but why does it have to be the largest single ski resort in North America? I mean, I know several really great ski resorts in this part of the USA, and never once did it cross my mind to check out if any of them is the largest or not.
It is Killington, but only in total square acres. Whiteface, located in New York has the largest vertical east of the Rocky Mountains at 3,430 feet. It rivals most West Coast resorts and is even better than some.

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