The Natural Beauty And A Rare Touristic Destination Uzungöl – Trabzon

Trabzon (Turkey) is the capital of the eastern Black Sea region of nature. Although small in terms of area, is the case of the most advanced 2 province of the Black Sea region. The city where the green and blue pictures of the rarest announced the names in the world is a very important tourism […]

Fascinating Nemrut Mountain

The Mountain Nemrut, Located In The Southeast Of Turkey, Belongs To The Taurus Mountains And Lies Northeast Of Adıyaman In The Province Of The Same Name. At its summit, the remains of a sanctuary and the Tomb of three kings of Kommagene rise. Nemrut Mountain within the boundaries of the district town of Kâhta of […]

Marmaris National Park Is An Unpolluted Nature With Its Diverse Rich Flora

In the Turkish Aegean is the popular resort of Marmaris. The beautiful coastline with the sandy beaches and the protected natural harbour made the place known already in ancient times. Today’s port city has a variety of leisure facilities and is completely set on tourism. One Of The Many Natural Attractions Of Marmaris Is The […]

The Cool River Water Of The Düden Is A Dream In The Summer Months

The 30 kilometre long Düden River crashes on its way from the Taurus Mountains twice a waterfall.15km north of the coast is the upper Düden waterfall. In a small natural park, with a stunning cave, behind a waterfall. The water of the Düden River rises from the Kırkgözler and Pınarbası spring in the Taurus Mountains. […]

You Should Not Miss Out Any Case Of The Museum Of Anatolian Civilizations In Ankara

The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara is the most important archaeological museum in Turkey besides the Archaeology Museum in Istanbul. It is located in the district of Atpazarı in the old town of Ankara below the citadel. However, the focus is on the epochs until the beginning of the first century, in turn mainly […]