• DATE: 12.12.2018
Patara Is Famous For The Fascinating Atmosphere During Summer

Patara Is Famous For The Fascinating Atmosphere During Summer

Patara is a tourist region and the birthplace of “St. Nicholas”, with its belonged Lycian and Roman past. The historical theatre, the old Roman Bath, the granary and the Roman port facility, testify to this great past.

In the village of Patara itself, guests will find good local taverns, restaurants and bars where the culinary delights of Turkish cuisine is, which belongs to the best in the world, are prepared. Many regular shuttle buses from the village to the beach ensure teansportation. From Patara you can easily reach all the cities of Turkey by bus.

Originated from a once mighty port city

The unique combination of a wild, original landscape with an indescribably beautiful sea and one of the most beautiful beaches of Turkey, exerts the fascination of this area.

The Beach Of Patara

For many, this is the most beautiful beach of Turkey with fine, white sand on ten kilometers length and a highly unusual dune belt, whose sanding amphitheatre, basilica and archway of the ancient city of Patara covers.

The fine – grained, white and undeveloped beach invites you to swim in the clean, blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The eye of the guest rests on the massive foothills of the Taurus Mountains, which rises high on the horizon up into the mostly warm sky. The shallow shore area is particularly child-friendly and at no point does unpleasant sea creatures impair the pleasure of bathing.


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