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Places to Travel in Selcuk / Izmir: Ephesus Ancient City

Places to Travel in Selcuk / Izmir: Ephesus Ancient City

Ephesus Antique City is an ancient city connected to the Selçuk district of Izmir province. In short, let’s take a look at where the Ephesus Antique City is, how to get there and places to visit. It is said that the foundation dates back as far as the Polished Stone Age (6000 BC). Ephesus, the most important bridge and the port city that connects Asia and Europe in its own era, was the capital of the Asian state during the Romans. The ancient city of Ephesus which houses the Temple of Artemis (one of the Seven Wonders of the World) is visited by an average of 1.5 million people in a year. If you have never visited this place before, something in your life is missing.

How to Go to Ephesus Ancient City?

If you go through Izmir with your car, the distance of the Selcuk district to Izmir is 70 kilometers. If you are leaving from Aydin then you need to drive 61 kilometers. The price you need to pay for parking your car in the parking lot is 10 TL. (We recommend you to park in the parking lot because you will need to walk for a long time.) If you are planning to travel by bus, there are lots of buses going from Izmir to Selcuk. A bus ticket is 15 TL. If you are traveling through Aydin, the price you need to pay is 15 TL again. However, it is worthwhile to remind that there are fewer times of departures over Aydin.  Hence, you had better check the flight times from the internet before you leave.

Places to Visit in Ephesus Antique City

The moment you came to the ancient city of Ephesus, you are welcomed by the history all around. if you wish, you can buy something as souvenirs and gift for your loved ones from the shops selling souvenirs with left and right rows. Let’s have a look at some of the places to visit

Hellenistic Theater: It is one of the most magnificent places in the ancient city. This antique artifact, which was completely uncovered by the archaeological excavations, was completed by Emperor Trajan in 117 AD. The Hellenistic Theater was one of the most eye-catching theater buildings of the era, with a capacity of 24,000 people, a width of 145 meters and a height of 30 meters.

Celsus Library: This building, which is used both as a library building and a heroic monument, is at the top of the places that will impress you the most. In addition, the library had a prominent role in education of the significant scientists and thinkers in the World

Domitian Temple: Even though this area, which is estimated to be the largest structure in the ancient city of Ephesus, does not offer much to our visitors today, you can go there to read the history and imagine how strong people are at that time.


Slope Houses (The Place of the Rich): In these houses which are located at the center of the city, the wealthy people of the period resided. In the houses, there are courtyards and only some of them had cisterns and wells. The river system in the houses is considered as a very high development when the technological conditions of that period are taken into account. Besides the houses are heated like the baths system, mosaic walls are also made of colored marbles. You can see invaluable goods extracted from these houses in Selcuk-Efes Museum.

If we are to sort out the other places of this old city that we cannot finish with counting and writing;

  • Trade Agora
  • Memmiyus Monument
  • Temple of Hadrian
  • Kuretler Street
  • Traian Fountain
  • Marble Street
  • Harbor Street
  • State Agora
  • Bouleuterion (Parliament Building)

Entrance Fees and Visit Times to Ephesus Antique City

The amount you need to pay for the entrance to this magnificent and fabulous ancient city is 30 TL. You have the opportunity to visit as many times as you want with Museumcard +and with Museumcard you can also visit 2 times a year. You will be able to visit in the summer between 08.00 a.m. and 07.00 p.m. in winter between 08.00 a.m. and 05.00 p.m.

Where else can you visit Ephesus Antique City?

If you come to the ancient city of Ephesus and if you have time to visit somewhere else, let’s talk about a few more places nearby.

Virgin Mary’s Church: The Virgin Mary’s Church that is another historic place you can visit after completing to visit the Ephesus, is located on the Bulbul Mountain, which is about 10 kilometers from Ephesus Antique City. This place is considered as Hajj by the Christian and it is believed that the mother of Jesus, Virgin Mary had lived and died here.

What to Eat Near the Ephesus Ancient City?

If you are feeling hungry after completing your visit and you are thinking about what you can eat as local foods, there are two different alternatives that we can offer for you. Although they are made everywhere in our country, we can recommend Shish kebab and pide to you in Selcuk district.

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