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Prince Islands  Heybeliada Sea of Marmara, near Istanbul

Prince Islands Heybeliada Sea of Marmara, near Istanbul


Heybeliada, the second largest island of the Prince Islands, is the guest of this writing.This article Heybeliada in the context of our history, things to do, eating and drinking, carriage fees and bicycle rental fees and more awaits you.

    History of Heybeliada  

Heybeliada has a history dating back centuries ago. We do not need books to understand this. It is enough to look at the history of the place.

The most common names of Heybeliada are Dimoniso, Khalky, Halkitis and Halki.The people who live here have adopted Halki name.The meaning is the copper mine. The reason for this is due to the fact that it is located in Çam Limanı.

  Places to Visit in Heybeliada

  1. Heybeliada Sanatorium : It was one of the most beautiful hospitals of the period at the same time. The first steps of contemporary treatment have been taken, giving 4 meals a day to the illness.
  2. Deniz High School:One of the representatives of the island. The building was completed in 1773 and today it continues to provide education as Naval Academy and Naval High School.
  3. İsmet İnönü Mansion:The mansion is located at Refah Şehitleri Caddesi. This mansion with three floors and a garden structure accompanied him during the illness of the President. Today it is used as a museum.
  4. Hüseyin Rahmi Gürpınar House:It is not without visiting the house of Hüseyin Rahmi Gürpınar, who is one of the important authors of our country and who lived here between 1912 and 1944, as a museum. You can examine the handwriting, books and materials of the author for free.

        Food and Drink in Heybeliada

From the Çipura to the sea bass, the rich main dishes as long as the tongue shake, accompanied by squares such as squid pan, butter shrimp and shrimp casserole.It is ready to equip your vegetables with different presentations in different kinds of vegetables such as bitterns and aubergines.With an average 40 pounds per person, you can get a perfect view of your stomach.

If you want to have breakfast at Heybeliada, you have many options. Breakfast plates average 20 Lira and is quite satisfying.


Accommodation Prices in Heybeliada

Heybeliada offers comfortable accommodation services to many hotels and hostels.When you make your choice (except for 1-2 exceptions), you can be sure that almost every hotel and lodge will have a unique island view.Hotel prices are increasing according to room size, breakfast and dinner options.Single room is 60 – 100 Lira, Double room is 120 – 150 Lira.Breakfast and dinner without having to choose between 50-80 pounds in the lodging facilities are available.


 Bicycle Rental Prices at Heybeliada

Rental prices differ from season to season and from weekdays to weekends. You have daily or hourly rental options.

According to this;


Hourly: 10 – 15 TL

Daily: 20 – 25 TL


hourly: 15 – 20 TL

Daily: 30  –  50 TL

   Activities to be done out in Heybeliada

Bike Tour: Although it is a transportation tool for locals, it is a very entertaining activity to visit like us. Of course you can not do a bicycle tour if you ran out of town and came here. Although it is a bit tiring to ride a bike on the island, which is 4 separate hills, it is a nice sport that also keeps you well.

Walking: If you are a walking enthusiast, the island is for you. I can not give you time to tour the island because I think that you will probably have plenty of rest for your touring. I am sure you will want to walk among the colorful flowers that open in spring and go to the hills and ask for the scenery from there.

Photography: The island is a place frequented by photography buffs with 4 different views on 4 different tops. In addition to sunsets, there are many historic buildings that you can photograph on your island trip.

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