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Prophet Noah’s Ark Mount of Agri

Prophet Noah’s Ark Mount of Agri

Mount Agrı is the highest mountain in Turkey and in Europe, also it is the world’s second largest volcanic mountain. It lies 15 km north east of Dogubayazit in the south of Igdır province within the borders of the Eastern Anatolia Region. Agrı mountain, also known as its legends, is also known as a sacred mountain because it is the place where the ark of Noah is located in the sacred books.

Information about Mount Agrı

Turkey’s largest mountain is Mount Agrı the most by both the location and the second largest volcanic mountain.

According to the records, the first climb to the mountain was made by Frederik Von Parat on October 9, 1829. The next climb was carried out by Bozkurt Ergor. In 1990, mountain climbing was forbidden and this ban was removed in 1998 by Mountaineering Federation. Climbing to the  mountain take 4 days.


Mount Agri Properties

Agri Mountain is a mountain known in the Eastern Anatolian Region with its volcanic features at a height of 5,137 meters. It is composed of two mountains as Big Mountain and Little Mountain. The mountain, which is covered with snow in the winter, is also known with no melting of its snow.

It is a large mountain that can be seen even in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iranian lands in open air. Another name is Ararat mountain.The closest center to the mountain is Dogubeyazıt.

It is one of the mountains that foreign climbers want to climb the most. mountaineers need to be exited in groups and by acclimatization. Namely, It’s a way of camping and climbing with regular intervals to get your body to adapt to the highest climb.


What is the rank of Agri Mountain in the world?


Ağrı is the highest mountain of our country and it ranks 43rd in the world. There are two summits, the unönü Summit and the Atatürk Summit. The Atatürk Summit is higher than the İnönü Summit, which is 5,137 meters and 3,898 meters.

The Legend of Agrı Mountain


There are several legends of Agrı Mountain. The most well-known legend of the novels and films, and there are two young people who cannot come together,it is a great love story of Ahmet and Gulbahar. Another legend goes through the period of 4th Murat.  Sultan wants to eat yoghurt of deer one day. Those deer are just in the mountains. However, it did not come back to the mountain until that day. A brave  man named Taskın father, who is the subject of the legend,goes to the mountain and he gets milk from the deer, suffers from great troubles every time, and he comes suddenly when everybody lose their hope.the Sultan said “wish whatever you want from me?” Taskın Father wanted the village, now known as Taşkın village.

Taskın father lived in this village until he died. Another legend of Agrı Mountain is the story of the acceptance of the pray of the two siblings who curse each other and and finally the siblings are turned them into two mountains. According to this legend, Little Agri is said to be a sister, the younger sister Little, who is little from the mountains of Agrı. Another legend is the story of Sirbent and Hacer. This is also a love story. While two lovers are living happily, 3 deer come to their gardens. Sirbent shoots one of the deer. While trying to cut the deer, the deer rolls down the slicky rock with a horn blow. Then, Sirbent dies. Hacer, who can not stand it, throws himself in the same rock, and she also dies. and both of them die there. Two lovers come together there.

Where is Agri Mountain?

Agri mountain is located between Igdir and Ağrı provinces  within the boundaries. The big part of the mountain remaining in the province of Igdir 35 percent of the city remains in Agrı.

How to get to Agri Mountain?

The route to follow to the mountain of Agri is firstly the road to Trabzon Erzurum. If you travel with the vehicle, airway, railway can be preferred. The closest center to Agri Mountain is Dogubayazit. It can also be reached from Ağrı and Erzurum.

For sightseeing trips, there are restaurants to stay in and around the city center and restaurants. If you want to climb the little Agri Mountain, you should prefer the northwest direction. Important information for mountaineers, if they want to climb to the top of Agri Mountain, they have to follow the south direction.

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