• DATE: 12.12.2018
Saklıkent Is The Great Refreshment In The Hot Aegean Summer

Saklıkent Is The Great Refreshment In The Hot Aegean Summer

Saklıkent Canyon in Muğlas District Seydikemer is visited every year by many enthusiastic adventurous travelers. Tourists visiting the “Saklıkent National Park” near Kayadibi have the opportunity to explore the 18 kilometre deep gorge. The 200 meter long bridge, which stretches over the clear waters of the village, is visited by many tourists who want to experience adrenaline. Along the bridge, the natural waterfalls and the mountains of the landscape can be observed. After an exploratory tour, tourists can relax in the natural mud baths.

Natural Wonders For The Adventurous

The forest of the National park consists of common spruces. Besides, there is a species typical of the area which is called Sığlatree and has spread in certain regions. There are also small Mediterranean tree species such as Holm, wild olives, berry trees, carob trees, celtis in the National park. There are also bezoar goats in the forest.

The Saklıkent National Park is well developed, the paths are given, shops offer food and souvenirs. However, the place is also quite remote: You can stay nearby only on a small campsite, the nearest hotels are located in Fethiye, about 40 kilometers away.

The well-attended path leads over a wooden footbridge high above the water, which ends at the point where the gorge widens somewhat. Here we continue on the floor and stone through the water: probably the one who has Bermuda.

Saklıkent And Its Splendour

Above the point where the spring flows of the Gökçeoğlu village emerge, the 20 km long Canyon presents itself in all its splendour and has therefore become a very special excursion destination and recreation area.The recreational areas, which are exactly above the source of the year-round water-leading Gökçeoğlu village, and the rafting course are among the preferred destinations for sportsmen and tourists who spend their holidays in the area of Fethiye and Kaş – Kalkan.

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