• DATE: 10.12.2018
Somewhere North of the Black Sea in Turkey

Somewhere North of the Black Sea in Turkey

‘It is not necessary to be born in the Black Sea to become a Black Sea, enough to be loved!’

The Black Sea is a paradise embraced by blue and green.On one side is a blue sea, on the other is lush trees.This beauty is not told, it is experienced.it is a paradise that must be visited and seen.

What comes to mind when we think Black Sea

First comes kemence.It is the most beautiful musical feast.Of course kemence comes with horon. Then tea comes. The black sea tea is very different. We also need to not forget the anchovy. You should not return to your home without a fish feast.

Things to see when you go to the Black Sea

Firstly, you must to go Ayder. Ayder is located in Rize.  you want to see the beauty of Ayder, you should join the spring or winter festivals.Especially you must to participate in the winter snowman festival. This festival is usually held in the last days of January when the snow is at its peak.Also,You can have a good time with students on this.

Next up is Artvin which is a great paradise. Hopa,Black Lake…And many other places I can not count.

We should not forget Trabzon.Black Sea’s favorite place.

These are the finest examples. but it has a lot more beautiful sightseeing places.One day of your journey must definitely fall to the black sea.

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