10 Beautiful Cappadocia Pictures from Ebru Erkut

10 Beautiful Cappadocia Pictures from Ebru Erkut Ebru Erkut : sorry, for the spam but I just can‘t stop posting pics from this beautiful place  🙂 herever you go – go with all your heart ♥️ CAPPADOCIA how beautiful can a place be? Kızkalesi: A Beautiful Place In The Southern Turkey Tags: Cappadocia, ebru erkut, ebru […]

Turkey – A Country That Surprises Us Time To Time With Its Diversity

Turkey captivates with its magic from the Orient and has developed into the most popular holiday region in the eastern Mediterranean in recent years. Blue water around secluded bays, you experience a blue voyage with a gulet. Here you can find our riviera offers for Turkey. By the way, the proposals are not insider tips […]

The Legend of Fairy Chimneys

The formation of fairy chimneys is a legend just as the example of the story of the fairy chimney told in the region. According to the legend, a young man lives in the village where the fairy chimneys are located. This man works so hard in his youth that he makes grape hangings on the […]