• DATE: 10.12.2018
The Ancient City Of Knidos

The Ancient City Of Knidos

The former fishing village of Datça is a quiet holiday village with a very relaxed atmosphere. At the tip of the peninsula opposite the Greek island of Kos is the ancient Knidos, a Greek – Doric settlement. This port from the 6th century was an important trading centre. Here stood the famous statue of Aphrodite, the great Greek sculptor Praxiteles, and here was a medical school whose name and fame were entered into all Greek cities.

Things To See In Knidos

The ruins are located on a hill above the picturesque harbour. You can also find the remains of a Corinthian temple, two theatres and a partially preserved city wall. High above the sea is the Acropolis, where the ruins of the temple of Aphrodite can be found. The city was through its medical school and the sanctuary of the statue of 
Aphrodite of Knidos famous.

On the other side of the bay is a lighthouse. It offers itself as a beautiful photo motif and the goal of a hike offers. It stands above Knidos, on the formerly upstream island “Deveboynu” and is still in operation.

Knidos was an important trading place in antiquity, and not least thanks to the good climate with a low humidity and a constant fresh sea breeze, over 100,000 inhabitants lived here in the 4th century.

Today there are still remains of various churches and temples, a theatre as well as the two former ports of the city, one located to the Aegean and one to the Mediterranean Sea.

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