The Beach Of Iztuzu Was Awarded In 2011 As The Most Beautiful Beach In Turkey

The peninsula of Iztuzu near Dalyan is ideal for swimming. The beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful natural beaches in the world and has already been awarded. The sand is particularly soft and fine. The beach is located at the mouth of the river. Guests can swim in the sweet river water and on the other hand in the salty sea water.

Bathing Fun Especially For Families

Because the beach is very gentle, it is suitable for the whole family – especially for families with small children. However, parts of the beach can only be reached by boat or swimming.

The beach of Iztuzu is located in a nature reserve. The large sea turtles are at high risk. This is why the beach is particularly well monitored during the time of egg laying. The Iztuzu beach changes its shape and its length again and again. This is due to the floods and wind – induced hikes of the sand. This is why the length of the sand varies between 5 and 6 km in length.

How To Reach The Beach?

From Dalyan, a 25 km long road leads to the Iztuzu beach. Parts of the beach can only be reached by boat. In Dalyan there is the possibility to rent boats. By boat you can reach the sandy beach in about 30-45 minutes. Self – drivers incur parking fees.

Iztuzu In Ancient Times 

In ancient times, the inhabitants of the nearby Kaunaus used the Iztuzu beach as a port. Salt was also successfully mined here. The port was an important customs office and a trading centre where fish, salt, slaves and much more were traded.


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