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The Best Time to Travel to Britain

The Best Time to Travel to Britain

The United Kingdom (UK) is a group of islands off the coast of France. It consists of several countries, including Scotland, England, Wales and (Northern Ireland).

The Best Time to Travel to Britain

When Britain is so great that has an abundance of two climates and landscapes, ranging from sunny beaches to snowy mountains.


The United Kingdom is not known for its good weather experienced. In fact, the UK is probably best known for its abundance of rain (even if in reality no more rain in the UK than any other country). Winters are cold and often snow and in summer can be fun, but usually not long on the weather. The United Kingdom is not really an ideal destination for a sunny holiday in which the Cornish coast, where the Gulf Stream reaches the island and visit, you will be able to find white sand beaches and palm trees. The best times to visit the UK are really in thewinter and summer


Attractions in British seas

There are so many things to see in the UK, whatever the framework of the visit that you really spend eternity visiting the various sites. There are many old castles and ruins, churches and cathedrals and old cemeteries. The UK is filled with places of historical importance, have, like so many cultures like the Romans, the

island captured a moment in history.

The UK also has many art centers and science, and most towns and

The Best Time to Travel to Britain
The Best Time to Travel to Britain
The Best Time to Travel to Britain












villages, at least one museum devoted to history, which often have free admission.

Restaurants and bars in the UK

The UK is of course primarily known for its fish and chips, fish and chips and there are restaurants where you go. There are also many Indian and Chinese restaurants and food stalls offering a variety of kebabs and pizzas.

Some areas of the UK have their own specialties. In Scotland, for example, there are fried foods like haggis and deep fried pizzas and Mars bars. In the northeastern United Kingdom, near Middlesbrough, you will be able Parmo is to eat chicken in the dough with bechamel sauce and cheese.

The Best Time to Travel to Britain

The United Kingdom is not known for its culinary delights, in fact, said a former French president, you can not trust a nation with food so bad, but there is real food UK which is certainly very pleasant, though perhaps not too healthy.

Residents of the United Kingdom also as a “pub crawl” to the old, as most parts of the UK is fantastic few pubs and clubs for you to enjoy the night.

Transport in the UK

If you are visiting the UK, you can rent a car is a great opportunity to see as much as possible, especially since public transportation is unreliable and very expensive. All car rental companies like Hertz and Avis operate in the UK, so you should have no difficulty in finding hired a car. Remember to drive on the left side of the road!




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