The Chora Church, As A Symbol Of The Union Of Two Cultures And Religions, Is Certainly Worth A Visit

The Chora Church is one of the most important buildings in Istanbul and is situated in the Istanbul district of Edirnekapı. It is famous for its impressive decorations with mosaics and frescoes and was built in Byzantine style.

From the first buildings of the Chora Church is not much preserved in our present. The church, which is to be admired today, dates back to its earliest parts from the 11th century. But the side chapel, porches, frescoes and mosaics were actually completed in the 14th century.

About half a century after the conquest of Istanbul by the Ottomans, the Chora church was converted into a mosque. But now it serves neither as a church nor as a mosque, but has become a museum. On the right side of the church is a side chapel and on the left a two – story gallery. Above the central nave is a dome, which in its present form was built by the Ottomans.

The interior decoration is assigned according to a certain way of biblical history. The illustrations are beautiful to look at, because the mosaics give them a great deal of brilliance and elegance.

Museum Transformation

This freed their transformation into a museum that is absolutely worthwhile to visit. The jewel of late Byzantine mosaic art and fresco painting is located on an area surrounded by old Ottoman wooden houses.

It is a former Byzantine church, whose mosaics and frescoes in the style of the Renaissance are among the most important and most complex sacral cycles in the world.

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