• DATE: 10.12.2018
The Famous Hadrian’s Gate

The Famous Hadrian’s Gate

The representative Hadrian’s Gate in the Turkish Mediterranean city Antalya, the ancient Attaleia, is one of the oldest and most important sights of the city.

The magnificent Hadrian’s gate decorated with ornaments is the only preserved entrance gate of the ancient city of Attaleia and today separates the old town from the new town. It was built in on the occasion of a visit by the Roman Emperor Hadrian and his wife Sabina, when he visited the city. Except for the granite pillars, it consists entirely of marble and was built on four sockets with three archways.

Marks The Transition To The Modern Part Of The City

On both sides of the Hadrians Gate was once the city wall. The building, consisting of three round arch passages and two towers, was probably built in the year 139 A.D. from white marble and granite in honor of the Roman Emperor Hadrian on the occasion of his previous visit to the city. The vaults inside the gate have cassettes with rosette or floral patterns.

On both sides there are four Corinthian columns each, indicating that the building should serve as a triumph and not as a gate for defence purposes. Between 1959 and 1960 the building was completely restored. In order to pass through the gate, the visitor has to climb down a staircase on both sides, as the attraction is now almost two metres lower than the surrounding area.

The Hadrian’s Gate itself is easy to reach by foot, or by bus. This attraction should not be missed during a visit to Antalya.


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