The Konak Square With Its Interesting Sightseeings

The Konak Square is the heart of the old Izmir. A nice pastime for families and retirees is to feed the thousands of pigeons that populate the place. Another interesting detail is the artfully carved clock tower of 1901 which serves as a symbol of the city.

At The Konak Square Is The Late Ottoman Style Clock Tower

The clock tower seed is a symbol of Izmir and the space in front of it, is a popular meeting place especially in the evening hours. The clock tower stands in the middle of a nicely laid out place where you can take a little break during your family holiday in Turkey to rest. The clock tower is located in the district of Konak and was given to the city of Izmir in the year 1901 of Abdülhamid II, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of its coronation.

This is due to the beautiful architectural design in the late Ottoman style. The style gives the building a filigree face, which is characterized by a symmetrical system and revolving arcade openings. Also in the evening, when the clock tower is lit, the Konak square is worth a visit. During your family holiday in Turkey, a visit to the landmark can be combined with visiting one of the nearby bazaars.

Other Sightseeings Around Konak Square

Right next to the clock tower is also the 1755 built Yalı Mosque, which captivates above all by its glazed tiles. North of the square is the Konak Pier, which was designed by Gustave Eiffel. Today the pier serves as a very tourist shopping centre, but the typical “Eiffel” substructure of riveted steel girders is still worth seeing.

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